AdvisorShares Weekly Market Review – Week Ending 10/13/2017

Why Does FINRA Have An Investment Portfolio?

10/16/17 Macro Moment

Make your allocation to active management….easier!

The question is not active versus passive, but active and passive.  A blend of both investment strategies can provide a superior risk-return profile for your clients.

With AdvisorSharesADV, advisors can easily access, manage, and maintain models of actively managed ETFs.  These models contain ETFs with strategies that run the gamut from float shrink driven domestic equity, to low duration- high quality bond sector rotation, to business cycle portfolio optimization along with other liquid alternative options.

Take a look.  See what adding some Alpha Basket exposure can do to enhance and differentiate the investment portfolios you provide to your clients.

AdvisorSharesADV Models: Performance At A Glance


AdvisorShares Active ETF Market Share Update – Week Ending 10/06/2017

Assets in actively managed ETFs grew by more than 1% last week, netting $569 million to now print at $41.42 billion. The fund count remained steady at 191….. (Read More)

Crossing Wall Street Review – by Eddy Elfenbein – Week Ending 10/13/2016

There’s an interesting twist to this earnings season. Companies that generate most of their revenue from outside the U.S. are expected to see earnings growth of 7.9%. Yet firms that get most of their revenue inside the U.S. are expected to see earnings fall by 0.1%…. (Read More)


Weekly Small Cap Market Review: Spetember 11 – Spetember 15 

Bitcoin! Undoubtedly, you have heard or read that it’s either the future of exchange or the next tulip bulb bubble. However, with all the discussion of bitcoin’s highly volatile value, few people really understand it…..(Read More)


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